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Leigh Gregory
Rainy Season Never Ends
Green Fuse/Vollwert Records

This album's title seems all too apt, with rain pouring down for weeks here now. Leigh Gregory's new album [this is a re-issue of the 2007 release - editor's note] has beauty to spare thankfully.

"Rowena is a Goodness" has a sweet yet sad tune, and a hushed Nick Drake-ish vocal to get excited about. The title song is nicely strummed, Gregory delivering a sensitive vocal with great finesse and a certain melancholy. The orchestrations are subtle and convincingly done. "Watch the Ripples" is a neat tune about capturing the day. Gregory's calming presence works to the songs advantage. "Faith Healer" is graceful and sweet, Gregory reminding me of Steve Kilbey of the Church vocally and musically. His own presence is strong though. His album's just great.

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