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Naomi Sommers
Gentle As The Sun
Continental Song City/Playground

I'll be straightforward, frank and honest with you. I know (and really like) that there's a new Dylan album out there, Wilco's latest just in the door, Dinosaur Jr. is back and as good as ever. Even Jason Lytle has released a long and much awaited solo album. None of these will make me thirst for a beer on the veranda these days. You know, just waiting for the moment where I can say to myself: "it's not that bad out there in the world today after all". It's Naomi Sommers playing to me as I get to that point and grab another beer.

Anyone who starts to get spasms as soon as words like "folk", "roots" or "bluegrass" is mentioned, might have found the cure (just don't execute me if it doesn't work out). Here's a flow and ease that we might go decades back to find comparable to. You know, that feeling of hearing musicians sitting in the same room, playing at the same time, playing off of each other. And on top of that, a singing that has such a natural and confident place in it all.

This is Naomi's third solo album (plus one in the "slowgrass" duo Gray Sky Girls) and released on her fathers' American Melody label. Both he and her brother contributes here (and what a fine trumpet he plays), together with session players of the best brand. This is probably how it's supposed to be. The major labels wouldn't know what to do if they got such a piece of beauty in their hands. There's not a question of "is she the new Madonna or should we market her as the next Britney with a folky twist". It's simply a question of how great music will break through that fog of digital noise. And it will. I am happy to know that people like Naomi Sommers keeps working in spite of that bloody fog ahead.

It's difficult to highlight any favourite tunes on such a solid album like this. But the opener "Two Sparrows", "Top Of The Hill", "Hard To Love You" and the closer "It'll Be Alright" sort of covers what the album is about. Then again, as with any good album it will take more than a shuffle through these songs to get into it.

I'll go for a beer on the veranda now, gentle as the sun.

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