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coverpic flag US - Massachusetts - Full Moon 157 - 07/07/09

Various Artists
Sky So Grey - A Boston Dark Music Compilation
Decorative Records

Compilation albums can be hard to put together, but this one has a cohesive feel to it. Amber Spyglass has had its members involved in making the album and they open it with a persuasive ethereal song of their own. It has a propulsive rhythm and a dreamy vocal by Kelly Godshall.

Thylacine's "Lay Down" is sensuous and has a cool backing for the excellent chanteuse to emote against. Walter Sickert & the Army of Broken Toys have a splendidly mad and creative song. "Viktagraph" has a swooning melody and starling musical turns to keep the listener alert.

Dreamchild's sombre "Ave Maria" is another standout offering, a Lisa Gerrard-like vocal and a solemnly desolate mood. What time is it, Mr Fox don't just have an odd name, their music matches it well, a progressive rock mood being well accomplished. They are just one of the treasures on offer here. It's a remarkably well-accomplished collection.

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