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Wait For Me
Little Idiot/Playground

I have to admit; when my husband first put on Moby's new album I hated it! After track 7 I had to turn it off, it bored me so much! But this guy contributed heavily to my personal soundtrack around year 2000, so I think I owe him another chance. I sit myself down and listen to every single track:

1. "Division": He starts up in quite a recognizable way. Not unpleasant, but not very exciting either. Will this build up to something?
2. "Pale Horses": ...Ok, not bad. It sets me back to 1999, which was a good year for me, so I don't mind. But I would like to hear something new as well.
3. "Shot In The Back Of The Head": Good start, what will happen? Not much, apparently.
4. "Study War": This one is OK, it's just that it reminds me of the less interesting tracks on Play.
5. "Walk With Me": Same again. I don't really mind it, but I quickly tune out.
6. "Stock Radio": Could be interesting if it lead up to the next track.
7. "Mistake": Picking up speed, but that's about it.
8. "Scream Pilots": ...
9. "Jltf 1": ...
10. "Jltf": And then I've all of a sudden listened to several tracks without even noticing. That must mean something?
11. "A Seated Night": I simply have no comment.
12. "Wait For Me": Title track... perhaps one of the better ones?
13. "Hope Is Gone": Yes, I am afraid this is true. Hope is gone.
14. "Ghost Return": I don't have much patience left now.
15. "Slow Light": Beautiful title. It deserves a better song.
16. "Isolate": Pleasant enough, but no grand finale...

If I were Moby I'd have issues with my new album unavoidably being compared to Play. I would feel that it deserved to be judged on its own terms. Perhaps I am being unfair. It just doesn't help the fact that this album bores me. I could question myself: has my taste changed so much over these past ten years that Moby no longer appeal to me, or is this album truly not very interesting? I haven't listened to Play for a very long time. Putting it on again I realise that I'm slightly less enchanted than I was at the end of the nineties, (although "Run on" and "Porcelain" still does it for me). There is a chance that Play is worn out for a lot of people. Perhaps this also reflects on his new album. We want the magic of Play revived, but at the same time we don't exactly want more of the same. There is nothing offensive about Wait For Me. But worse: there isn't a single track on this album that will make me pick it out of the shelf and put it on. Sorry.

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