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coverpic flag US - New York - Full Moon 157 - 07/07/09

Zonisphere Records

Janid's had an intriguing career so far, releasing albums and acting in a film. The new album is edgy enough to stand out in any crowd.

Opener "Take Me Out" roars with strong rhythms and a spitfire vocal. It's set to get feet moving and hearts beating faster. "Chatterbox" features more proof of Janid's unique talent, her vocal has tinges of others but is all her own as the song builds to an impressive chorus. "Red Velvet Curtains" sees the singer crooning in a relatively sophisticated way to a nice tune. It suits her just as well as the faster tracks do. "Sacrilegious" has a sinuous beat and a half spoken vocal that really sounds good. It's Janid at her best. Her new album is really cool.

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