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Sid Savant
Drowning Witch Audio

Sid Savant is a new character in the Norwegian rock scene. I got an e-mail asking if we would be interested in checking out his CD, and, well, I responded with a 'yes, please' to that question. Drowning Witch Audio arrived shortly after, and I found it quite exciting. Dark and brooding, spooky drama-rock. Goth-hop, anyone? Affected and effected.

The multi-instrumental Sid seems to be a real talented guy: voices, acoustic guitars, bass guitars, synthesizers, drum machines, percussion and samplers, as well as being the recorder and producer of the album. His album, with a little help from some friends: Camara on backing vocals, Eddie on occasional bass guitars (3 tracks), Simon on additional vocals (on the title track). Plus Tada, credited for acting and juggling. The samples/inspiration involved range from schoolyard rhymes: from John Zorn, via "My Favorite Things" (yes, the one and only, from The Sound of Music) and clips from the movies The Godfather and The Wolfman, to porn clips and Joseph Goebbels’ Total War speech. Cripls holds highly ambitious music, but most the time he succeeds. Strong, interesting, well-orchestrated songs, suggestive rhythms and soundscapes. A fine mixture of melodic noise, gothic shadow land moods, hard rhythms, along with more softer, toned down melody lines. Topped with delicate female backing vocals. As a contrast to the sometimes creepy attitude and far-off any middle-of-the-road lyrics. F.i. as in the opening "My Ship is Loaded With Prayers", dealing with incest and paedophilia (" wife and my shrink says I am getting better...I don't take the route past the school any more"). Anyway, it seems like this is part of his story-telling, not fishing for shock-effects. "Sid de Sade" is a bit like Pixies meets hip-hop. "My Favorite Girl" is the one inspired by "My Favorite Things", and is really cool, and it somehow makes me imagine a gothic The The (early years). "Don't" opens as total Pink Floyd The Wall paranoia, before taking some cabaret steps, and revved up by Goebbels. Quite complex and different music, I'd say. The title track is one of the better songs. Along with "Everything I Know About America", the already mentioned "My Favorite Girl", and "Little Spark". And, Savant isn't afraid of the deep end, or setting the bar high, as he closes the album with a song entitled "Everything I Know About America (live in Utopia)" (the return of "Everything I Know..."). It's a gift being pompous and getting away with it.

Sid Savant states his music to be Electro acoustic/Melodramatic Popular Song/Experimental (check his Myspace site). He's also listed an interesting mix of influences, including among others: Art Bears, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Scott Walker, Einstürzende Neubauten, Aphex Twin, Tricky, Diamanda Galas, Mr. Bungle, Leonard Cohen, The Residents, Sparks, Gravediggaz, Deerhoof, Björk, Eyvind Kang, Nirvana, Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares, Klaus Nomi, Jacques Brel. Not bad. And quite a good debut. Sometimes with a bit too much drama, but its a brave one, mind you. With a devilish grin, tongue-in-cheek, because I also sense some humour inside.

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