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The Apples In Stereo
#1 Hits Explosion!
Yep Roc Records

Being a notorious Apples in Stereo fan (Applehead...), I welcome every album from the Apples. Even a greatest hits package (even though I won't purchase this one). You simply can't go wrong picking the greatest songs by this gang. Pick some golden, tasty apples.

Beatle'n'Beach Boy pop disciple Robert Schneider, is a song-smith pouring out catchy pop-sike. Either with his Apples in Stereo (AiS), or Marbles, or ulysses. #1 Hits Explosion! holds 16 songs, picked from all the 6 studio albums (1995-2007). Last year saw the release of Electronic Projects for Musicians, a compilation of songs, holding b-sides, bonus tracks and rarities (plus previously unreleased songs). In fact this was the second compilation of that kind, as Science Faire was released in 1996. Then, there's another compilation, Sound Effects: 1992-2000 (2001), originally released in the United Kingdom and Japan (as an introduction to the band).

Anyway, this new "hit" collection serves most songs (4 songs off each) from The Discovery of a World Inside the Moone (2000) and New Magnetic Wonder. Then there are 2 songs each culled from the first three albums; Fun Trick Noisemaker (1995), Tone Soul Evolution (1997), and Her Wallpaper Reverie (1999). And, finally, only one sole track off Velocity of Sound (2002). There's also a single non-album track, "Signal In The Sky (Let's Go)", off the Let's Go! EP.

So, what about the content then, and the pick of songs. Well, 16 songs isn't enough from the great AiS songbook, but it's maybe a proper dish for an album. I'd suggest to go for the studio albums. I really enjoy The Discovery of a World... ("20 Cases Suggestive Of..." is very cool), but I also like Tone Soul Evolution (check "Seems So" and "Shine A Light") a lot. And, New Magnetic Wonder ("Can You Feel It?" is a great pop song) was a welcome and strong return after 5 years. But, why only one song from Velocity of Sound (the sugar-coated pixie-popper "Please")? Anyway, it feels good to listen to the old ones once more, like "Tidal Wave", or the very psychedelic "Strawberryfire".

#1 Hits Explosion! is a very good start for new-comers. For long-time fans this is a pleasing journey through their career.

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