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coverpic flag US - Texas - Full Moon 159 - 09/04/09

Kimberly Freeman

Kimberly Freeman has a noisy project as One Eyed Doll, but this solo disc is her quieter side.

Opener and title track "Sleep" sees her quietly singing of just that to a soft yet eerie tune. It's like the opening tune to a horror film that's meant to lull the viewers into false security before the first body appears. "Learn to fly" is melancholy yet strangely lovely. Freeman's vocals are just perfection. It's got an up tempo chorus that suits it.

"Lullaby" is told from the perspective of a murderer, and is dark and haunting. Its quite demeanor makes it all the more frightening. "Overdose" takes its cue from the title and is suggestive and deep, Freeman singing gorgeously to a soft tune. This album won't go quietly into that good night, it smolders and is ever so haunting.

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