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Tiny Vipers
Life on Erath
Sub Pop / Tuba!

Tiny Vipers is Seattle-based folk-singer/songwriter Jesy Fortino's stage name. Life on Earth is her sophomore album, succeeding the pleasant debut Hands Across the Void.

Tiny Vipers move in the darker, naked out-lines of the folk soundscapes, only using her powerful voice and tender guitar playing to draw out visions of the grand questions in life; love lost and found. All done with an organic, low-voiced intensity. That at it's best transcendent the folk-labelling and turns into more timeless trance-dominions. The movements are ghost-like, longing for a life long gone, or yet to be welcomed.

And Tiny Vipers is definitely at her best when she steps out of the more regular folk-tradition, which she also, by all means do a lot above the average. But it is the almost spiritual country and un-earthly songs like "Slow Motion", "Young God" and "Untitled" that are spellbinding. Leaving a trace of forlornness and wistfulness behind, long after they left the speakers, but so in a surprisingly good way. Because, despite all the darkness and despair, there is a promise of dawn and light and a better future hidden in the tunes.

And that promise, makes Life On Earth a wonderful liberating listening.

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