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Human Alert
Circus Chaos

Finally, after waiting for 3 months or something like that (cuz of a problem with which record company to use, and stuff), the third CD by Human Alert is pressed and can be sold. I got my copy at their CD presentation. There they had a spec. edition, which included a free sticker and the box wrapped in a butter paper. Cool. Too bad it isn't a digipack, they couldn't afford it. I already mentioned the butter wrapper, the cover contains a skull w/ a necklace which has the anarchy symbol and looks a lot like the logo of this butter brand, Zeeuws Meisje. The back of the booklet contains the already legendary sticker "candle in the wind". More cool pics are shown inside this booklet. Hmm, as usual, something you can expect from Human Alert. It isn't like a normal booklet, but one which you can fold open. So the first 4 pages is a photo collage of the last couple of years. Some of them are taken by me. It is really cool. The page w/ all the lyrics has a background in black & red. From what I can make up of it there are clowns singing. Besides the cool drawings by Roel and Crisis, which are in color this time, even the Eargear logo is in color. It also has some photos, and as usual they all have something to do with the songs. Yeah, yeah, I start about the songs now. After some spinning in my CD-player.

Hey, Willum, did you have some singing lessons? Cuz he really can sing besides spitting, screaming, vomiting, bullshitting. I have just had this record a couple of days, but most of the songs have been played live so I know them already, and some were mentioned in an Knuffelpunk interview which took place about 6 months ago. Francois Boulange is still punk, check the opening sample of Lingo (Dutch TV game show - editor's note). Well, if you listen good you know this one isn't made very good. Why? Figure out yourself. It's followed by the title song, Cirkus Chaos. This is a good song to open w/ at gigs. Followed by a Motörhead inspired song called Motorpunk. Then comes Sucker For Action, they seem to play a bit melodic as well. Then it's time for Kerk & Staat (Church & State) w/ a cool sample about religion. It's an anti-religion song; "god is a nazi". Then I've Had It - yeah, "break the fucking glass". Followed by Try Suicide For A Change. Then we get to listen to Candyboy. This is followed by Bored Beyond Belief. This song has a cool melody. Then it's time for a cover song, Konining, which was written by The Straks in 81. Did they use the same sample then?? Well, it's a good one for this song. And still the lyrics are good, queen piss off, yeah trix = nix. Then comes Anarchy Is Landverraad (Anarchy Is High-treason), followed by my fav. song on this album, Live Before You Die. With a good opening sample from Spinal Tap, which says: "have a good time, all the time". In the song there's something said by Admiral Byrd in 34. After that comes a short song called Fasjiste (Fascists). Indeed against fascists. Then the final song, Toys Are Us, is on. It's about that we still are toys played by all kinds of bosses. They have this weird sound after the song, for about 90 seconds. Then the bonus song We Don't Care can be heard. Cool contrabass thingie.

I can't say yet if this is their best album, but what I can say it's a 100% Human Alert album.

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