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I Love The Summer b/w Our Song (For Eirene)
Elephant 6

Ai-ai-ai! This is what we need right now! When the brutal winter is pushing hard (imagine what it's like to live near the Arctic circle), all you need is a single to warm you up. A heating summer song to come tip-toeing out of the speakers, whispering gently in your ear: there's something called summer, and it's just months away... A direct hit from the solar jukebox.

The Marbles is a side-project of Robert Schneider, head of the Apples In Stereo. In mid-winter they release this single (their 3rd) dedicated to the summer, without blinking, with the most honest sincerity. Marbles presents two songs that could've come straight out of Ray Davies' nostrils one fine and warm and sunny afternoon in 1966. I Love The Summer (or Summer Days as it's called on the label?) reminds we of why the summer's so good. "I love the summer days, I love the sunny brace", and with the most lovely "ba-ba-ba-ba-bah" chorus. Lasting only 2 minutes 10 seconds, and when it's over I find myself sitting topless in my armchair with my large collection of bottles of sun milk and sun lotion filling the table. A song for heart, soul, and body.

The B-side, Our Song (For Eirene), is another sunny beam, about the bittersweetness of that summer love story, which went down with the sunset. Leaving you with a stupid grin and an even more stupid little umbrella in your drink...Ba-ba-ba-bah!

Come on Eirene! Here comes the summer! Yeah... (have to get out to shuffle some tons of snow...) (I thought you left the snow-shuffling to your 80 year old landlady - editor's note)

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