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coverpic flag US - Michigan - Luna Kafé - Full Moon 16 - 02/11/98

Unfolded Like Staircase
Strung Out Records

After having listened to good 5-6000 albums in my life, I rarely get excited about a new release. This one though, has really made quite an impression on me. The tight sound and elegance from this progressive American quintet is unbelievable. I can spend thousands of lines to extol their symmetrically existential sound but this is not enough in the face of reality which is that music cannot be described in plain words but should be solely an aural enjoyment.

It is enough to say, that if you really like intelligent progressive rock, this may be the ONLY CD that you'll need to buy this year. It has every soul-pleasing, mind-engulfing note that your brain and soul will need for a while. Pure aural fire!!! A CLASSIC - 65 minutes of super recommended stuff !

Editor's note: You may order this CD directly from the band: Discipline, PO Box 1587, Royal Oak MI 48068-1587, USA.

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