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One for Jude
Bonheur dynamique
One for Jude

French, Paris based band One for Jude celebrate their 10th anniversary this October, with their third long player, Bonheur dynamique. One for Jude are Billy Amzal (vocals, guitars, producer), Yonathan Ebguy (vocals, guitars), and Benoît Sellam (bass, keys). They claim their music to be 'dark wave', a mixture of new wave, indie rock and electronic/psychedelic ambience.

Their debut album Figures (2001, later to be re-released by Russian label Infinite Fog, 2006) sold quickly its edition of 1,000 copies, and took One for Jude on a European tour. Their second album, Re Generation, came in 2007. And, here's the third. Yes, they're 'dark waveishs'. A bit gloomy, making me think of the 1980s, synth-dep-rock style. They're quite moody and filled with French tristesse. But, yet there's some glimpses of something more up-lifting. Since most songs are sung in French I'm sidelined, but they also sing in English, like "Une fois" (well, French title, English lyrics), "Transition (John is dead)", and "Rational Dreamer". I do get this feeling of listening to something being a bit too dated 1980s sounding. Like it's all bit too soggy sounding, with a closet synthetic soundscape. Yet again, there are some cool tracks here, and there is a certain raw feel throughout, especially vocally.

They for sure sound like dramatic dream weavers. Sometimes they get lost in their dream-spun web. Other times their songs function better, being a bit more grounded. Best songs: "Aux doux anges", "Bonheur des hommes", and "Rational Dreamer".

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