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The Black Crowes
Before the Frost...
Essential Music / Playground

It's almost 20 years since The Black Crowes put themselves at the center of the rock 'n roll map with the album Shake Your Moneymaker, and songs such as "Hard To Handle" and "Jealous Again". Truly a revelation in its time. They've released 6 studio albums since then, including a hiatus that ended with last year's Warpaint.

Before The Frost... is the first of two albums recorded at Levon Helm's (barn) studio, part two can be downloaded with a code that comes with Before The Frost... Compared with the band's best moments, Before The Frost... comes up fairly short on material. Even though songs like "Appaloosa", "Houston Don't Dream About Me", "And The Band Played On" and "Last Place That Love Lives" are truly good, they don't manage to lift the album as a whole.

The band plays well, Robinson sings as good as ever and the live feeling (of this splendid live act) of the recording comes through, this collection is short of good songs. No need to write them off yet at all, just include the good songs here to your own Best Of collection and wait for them to visit your favorite live venue.

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