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Drive-By Truckers
The Fine Print (A Collection of Oddities and Rarities 2003-2008)
New West Records / Playground

Drive-By Truckers can easily be named one of the hardest working bands in rock today, and one of those true to the spirit of southern rock 'n roll. And they're bloody good at it. After 7 studio albums, here's a bonus for those of us who gladly accept more fine songs from the unit. These are covers and left-overs, although none of them come across as left out for any other reason than just not fit for the collection they were recorded for.

A solid cover of Petty's "Rebel" makes perfect sense (recorded for the fabulous King Of The Hill series) for DBT to do. "The Great Car Dealer War" is another piece of good storytelling from Patterson Hood, set to lovely screaming guitars. Subtle and hard at the same time. "Play It All Night Long" will be regarded as another DBT classic in my book. It brings out the redneck in me and raises my arm in the most embarrassing way. See if I care.

There are so many unpretentious, honest, fun and energetic elements with DBT that it can't make me grumpy about getting one more album of songs. Although I know some might object to this sort of releases, saying "these songs were left out for a reason". Even their version of "Like A Rolling Stone" is a celebration of bass, drums, three guitars and the guts to use them.

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