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Tonye Christopher
I dreamt I was a rockstar / Undercovers with John Mayer

Tonye Christopher's new record combines a celebrity themed record with one of John Mayer's songs. He has a way with words and some strong songs here.

"JT and the Mosley Crew (Blow)" tips its head at Justin Timberlake and has a canny beat and a smart lyric. "Scarlet Fever" sees him singing of being obsessed with Scarlet Johansson. It's hardly a surprising obsession and one that's playfully described to a funky beat. He's in good voice here. "Love actually (to me you are perfect)" is the inverse by celebrating the beauty every woman possess. He sounds sincere rather than cloying and that's quite a feat.

"Girls like Halle Berry" is pretty sweet even if it continues the celebrity theme. The John Mayer songs are not familiar to me, so I'll admit a bias, but they sound less interesting than the self-penned ones. If you are a Mayer fan perhaps you'll feel differently. His own album is better, if not perfect and he'll no doubt make even better things.

He's still in search of a voice I think. Here he does say some interesting things and might appeal to quite a few people.

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