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Kris Kristoffersen
Closer To The Bone
New West Records / Playground

There is that story of Leonard Cohen meeting Janis Joplin in the elevator at Chelsea Hotel, where she says she is looking for Kris Kristofferson and Cohen says she's in luck, because he is Kristofferson. I don't know if that was before of after Joplin recorded "Me And Bobby McGee", but anyhow that song did loads for both Joplin and Kristofferson. And, of course, Cohen went on to write "Chelsea Hotel no. 2".

All these years later, Kristofferson is still recording and performing, so much more in his own right than ever before. Producer Don Was has used the same approach as Rick Rubin did with Cash's American Recordings. Stripped down, bare and dead honest. And in my opinion, that is what artists such as these are best at.

Proven to the last song (being the first he ever wrote) and on a journey through songs that brings both wisdom and understanding. The title track could easily become the anthem for any writing artist. "Sister Sinead" is a solid statement supporting O'Connor's bravery, "Good Morning John" a sort of last goodbye to his long time friend, Johnny Cash.

Still I believe that the strongest songs here are "Love Don't Live Here Anymore" and "The Wonder", pieces of music and lyrics that goes straight to my spine. In a manner that probably only men of such experience and lived wisdom can.

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