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Eva Moon and the Lunatics
Moon Falling Down

Eva Moon and her band play funny, yet deeply stirring music. The basis of the album's title is Moon's son asking how the moon stays up in the sky. She replied that it keeps falling all the time, but it always misses the Earth.

The songs here are pretty funny, but they avoid novelty status by being clever and insightful. "Hard for me" is jazzy and has an amusing lyric about making love in odd places. Moon's vocal is teasing and the backings sensuous. "Don't Answer Yet" depicts loneliness but not without a sparkle in its eye. It's jazzy and upbeat and Moon's vocal is as ever smart.

"Snap on Girl" is kinda funky and has a risqué subject. The following "Brazilian Wax" is pretty self-explanatory as well. The closing title song is cute and speaks of the falling moon. It's still a lullaby of sorts. It's a delightful and lovely album.

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