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coverpic flag US - District of Columbia - Full Moon 161 - 11/02/09

Kowtow Popof
Exalted Headband
Wampus/Kowtow Popof

I've reviewed Kowtow Popof in the past, here's an instrumental disc that's quite a departure for him.

"Enigma of the Spokes" is blissfully psychedelic with a pretty melody. "Kung Fu Sunset" is a cute, faux Oriental drift of a song that would suit a soundtrack well. Most of these songs would. The title track I sa pretty funky and funny track that shows the artist's quirky sense of humor is intact even in this instrumental setting. "Theme From Lucky Guy" hints at darker terrains, sounding like the music for a horror film, maybe one involving scary mansions. This is a rich and strange collection that deserves your attention.

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