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Atlas Sound
Walkabout (feat. Noah Lennox)
Kranky / 4AD / Playground

Atlas Sound is Deerhunter vocalist Bradford Cox' solo project. "Walkabout" is the single from his newly released second album Logos, and this tune is a collaboration between Cox and Noah Lennox (Panda Bear).

"Walkabout" is a classic pop-tune, with strong ties to the late 60ies psychedelic stage. But where Atlas Sounds previous work could have the tendency to get lost in the deep-down spiralling psychedelica, he this time around keeps the loops and do-wops in the light. And the result is a warm, colourful, sweet and joyful piece of pure pop. The kind of pop that jams of summertime, beaches and welcoming smiles.

So, since I regretfully haven't had the pleasure to hear all of Logos yet, "Walkabout" most definitely makes sure that I will. Soon.

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