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Vampire Weekend
XL Recordings / Playground

"Horchata" is the first single from Vampire Weekends forthcoming album Contra, which will be released in January 2010. And it appears like these New Yorkers are proceeding on the same track they left on in 2008. Not entirely a bad thing.

"Horchata" is a seemingly light pop tune, with, the by now typical Vampire weekend; dash of African easy listening elements. And until you hear the lyrics, you might get the idea to almost dance, and maybe you should, even if the words are soaked with winter-depression and longing. But, since this single is framed in such a bittersweet and nice soundscape, the sadness never goes really deep. Like nothing here actually sounds profoundly anything.

Vampire Weekend has been around a bit, so the addition of refreshment to their African blended pop is no longer present. And that may be why "Horchata" is just a nice taster of the album to come, and nothing more.

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