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The Crackle Of My Soul
Editions Mego

Cindytalk has been around since 1982 and this is their first record since 1995. The sound is very dense but still has an unearthly appeal.

The signal is weak during the opening track, only yielding a buzzing noise and telling us rock has left the building. Gordon Sharp is now a sculptor of noise and abrasion. "Of Ghosts and Buildings" has a superbly ghostly ambience and is buried beneath the hiss of static. It has a whisper of a melody though its barely discernible. "Troubled Aria" lives up to its title, enveloping the sound in static and losing its tail in the ocean of noise. This record skirts the edges of what is music and what is modern classic territory. It's not an easy listen and won't appeal to everyone. That said it does have a persuasive quality that might appeal to those who like their sounds unusual.

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