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Wes Willenbring
Close, But Not Too Close
Hidden Shoal Recordings

I reviewed Wes Willenbring's single "Oh, most" a couple of mooonths ago, and really liked what I heard that time. Now, here's Close, But Not Too Close, his second album.

As I said last time (as found in the press sheet), Californian Wes Willenbring was forced to take piano lessons from he was seven years old. After years of practice he picked up the guitar. Close, But Not Too Close starts with a track entitled "I'm Really Looking Forward To Your Funeral". I perfect hate song, or what? The brilliant "Oh, Most" follows, and again I'm struck by the massive majestic feel of this song. Amazing. The following "My Ghostly Fingers" is equally magnificent. Willenbring's got this quality of creating perfect moods and clever atmospheres. In a way he reminds me of a stripped down, toned down version of a one-man Mogwai. Mogwai's got a bit of the same atmosphere and expression, with layers and layers of noise sound added, of course. The dreamscapes, or musical paintings created by Wes Willenbring are truly spellbinding beauties. If I had to be negative, some parts may tend towards being slightly too static. But, mind you, only slightly. The almost perfect soundtrack to long, cold, dark winter nights.

Close, But Not Too Close is ghost music. At least it's a little bit haunted.

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