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She Swings, She Sways
Wasted Love Songs
Authentic Records

She Swings, She Sways have all written songs about wasted love or getting wasted because of love. The young band truly put out all the stops with this record.

"Lullaby" sees John Gordon singing at the top of his ability on a wistful song of wanting to be near a loved one. "He Loves Me" tells the tale of abusive love in a sensitive fashion, Gordon duetting with Cory Canny in moving way. Her sweet tones can't quite hide the sadness of the words. "Ryan's Song" is up-tempo and has a killer vocal. It's the tale of Ryan and his life is amusing and a bit sweet.

"Rabid Abigail" is lovely, a great lead vocal set to a rockin' backing. The song is depicted to Abigail who must feel a bit flattered or troubled or both. All the songs are depicted to the people that inspired them, most intriguingly the one that says 'with apologies, for Anne'. It only serves to anchor this charming record in the listener's mind. The tales here are worth a spin or more.

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