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coverpic flag Italy - Full Moon 163 - 12/31/09

Sophya Baccini
Black Widow Records

If you cross Diamanda Galas with Kate Bush you might get the splendidly unhinged Sophya Baccini. Her album's very weird as benefits a record on Italy's Black Widow.

The orchestral swell of "La Pieta" is half prog and half classical music whilst Baccini wigs out splendidly with her otherworldly voice. It's a stunningly confident near ten-minute opener. "Will Love Drive Out The Rain?" sees her slow down to a classic piano melody and a sense of relative calm. The song grows ever more complex and adds some rain sounds before the end. Baccini has a powerful voice even when she tones it down. "Elide" sees Baccini deliver a powerful yet complex song in what sounds like waltz tempo. There are even more weird suspires than you might expect, and her vocal soars like an eagle. The closing version of Joni Mitchell's "Circle Game" is a sweet end to this long, strange ride. Baccini's made a startling and bold album, worthy of your attention.

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