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Ambling Alp
Secretly Canadian/Mute / Playground

"Ambling Alp" is the first single from the New York based experimental band Yeasayer's much anticipated upcoming second release; Odd Blood. And it sure doesn't make the anticipation any less.

"Ambling Alp" takes on where Yeasayer left off with All Hour Cymbals. Which means somewhere between unspecified Africa and hipster Brooklyn. It is slightly psychedelic, danceable pop, that manages to be both chilly and joyously warm on the same note. And it is this warmth that is keeping "Ambling Alp", from not getting lost in its own coolness. There is no doubt that this is as cool as cool can be.

And in addition, I also do like, that the sound is somewhat cleaner, more focused and definitely purer than Yeasayer's previous work. Which also is a promising thing regarding Odd Blood.

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