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Basia Bulat
Heart Of My Own
Rough Trade / Playground

Bulat got much appraisal for her debut album, Oh, My Darling in 2007. I must sadly admit that it passed me by. But it will not be a missed piece in my record collection for long. If it's nearly as good as Heart Of My Own, it's a keeper.

My second confession here is that Basia Bulat was unknown to me up until this record got in my hands. But I do truly hope that her voice and talent will be widely appreciated (which we all know is not likely to happen in a Rhianna-way). As with all great art, popularity will not define its quality. She's a star in my ears.

So, why I'm I making such a fuss? First of all, there is not one damn song on this album that is less than good. I'd say it's quite an achievement as she's been on the road much of the time since "Oh, My Darling". A lot of people are simply unable to write while on the road. The same road that has obviously done Basia loads of good. From opener "Go On" to the last lovely - bare naked - voice that softly fades from the bonus track "Hush", we have been through 13 moods of perfect melody and storytelling.

If I were to put a label on Basia, it would have to be something like folk-singer-songwriter-pop-avante-garde. Or similar. But we rise above such limitations and simply enjoy the solid record that Heart Of My Own. Call it what you will, but not anything less than great.

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