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Cobra Killer
Uppers & Downers
Monika Enterprise

Gina V. D'Orio and Annika Line Trost have been Cobra Killer for eleven years now, setting the indie world aflame. Their fifth album was recorded in Einstürzende Neubauten's studio in Berlin and bears a confrontational stamp with pride.

This album features quite a few indie iconoclasts as guests, J Mascis and Thurston Moore among them. "Vitamine" sees the ladies pile on tough beats and purr about strange things. The song should appeal to fans of industrial bands like the aforementioned Neubauten and Nine Inch Nails. "Hang Up the Pin Up" features the strains of Mascis and Moore weighing in and itís an almighty racket topped with bratty lead vocals. "Goodtime Girl" has Jon Spencer guesting, it's pretty weird as a sweet melody is fed into the Cobra Killer machine and comes out all twisted.

"Upside Down the Building" is almost bluesy and has a catchy tune for the ladies to emote against. This is a strange but very compelling album.

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