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Dub Tractor
City Centre Offices

Start your decade out correct with this new release on Berlin's pristine electronic label City Centre Offices. Basic influences range from the early 90s shoegazing guitar-work of Kevin Shields to the mid 90s ambient works of Aphex Twin. There is a feeling of progression from the first decade of the 2000s on Sorry that in many ways puts the decade in perspective, especially in terms of the continuing admixture of electronic, acoustic, and pop elements in much modern music. Berlin remains deeply entrenched in that movement, albeit behind-the-scenes and unknown to the average dub listener.

Dub Tractor is Danish composer Anders Remmer, who while releasing albums through the Berlin label, lives and was raised in Copenhagen; he is one of the key electronic music figures in that city. Remmer has released music under the monikers Future 3, System, How Do I, Jesper & Anders, and People Press Play, having worked with sister Berlin electronic label Morr Music. He released his first 12" in '97 on April Records.

Remmer's use of live-sampled, highly effected and sequenced guitar-work has been the staple of Dub Tractor, and perhaps the element contributing most to its originality. Remmer's quiet-spoken vocal stylings, prominent among other Berlin acts such as the Notwist or Lali Puna, also make this album stand out. Melodies are well-crafted, and have that uncanny ability to bring back early memories even though it's the first time you've heard the tune.

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