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Stray Ghost
Part 4
Hidden Shoal Recordings

"Part 4" is the new single by Stray Ghost, a.k.a. Anthony Saggers, a young Englishman claimed to be one of the most innovative sonic artists, or ambient drone architect right now. The track is taken from his forthcoming album Nothing, But Death, to be released on February 16th. But, as it's said to be: death is not the end.

Stray Ghost plays minimal ambient music, and "Part 4" is indeed a slow, quiet crawler. Starting very whispering, as it fades in, using the whole, first minute to establish contact. "Part 4" is slow-motion, almost stop-motion, and I get this submerged feeling, like the song takes place under water. Or in foggy, cloudy darkness. Not, maybe not darkness... well, cinema darkness. Or, maybe outdoors, gliding into a moist and misty morning landscape. It's an elegant track within its repetitive minimalism. It's sort of catchy in the most unexplainable way. Well-worth checking out, awaiting the upcoming album. Saggers (22) has only been making music for 3 years. His debut Losthilde (on Highpointlowlife Records) (said to be a semi-autobiographical exploration of lost love) came in August 2008. Then came the EP Fabula/Sjuzhet (Dead Pilot Records), followed by A House of Gold and Oak (Phantom Channel), before Hidden Shoal put out another EP, Each Paradise Is A Lost Paradise, last October.

Paradise lost. Death. Gloomy? Sure, but also somewhat shiny. Check out "Part 4" (available for free download from Hidden Shoal until Nothing, But Death).

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