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Hennessy Keane
Nowhere Fast
Hennessy Keane

Hennessy Keane is basically comprised of Shaun Hennessy and Ian Keane, out of southern England. But like quite a few Englishmen before them, they sing as if they'd never crossed the Great Britain. Not that the southern growl is too evident or bothers me at all, just that it's not British. For someone - i.e me - that is not very fond of the british dialects in song, this is a good.

All that aside, it's a recording of 12 songs we have in our hands. That's all there is to it. They might be dressed in rags for all I care, 'cause they write solid tunes, play them just as solid and tell stories. We might have basically heard those stories before, so there's no revolution at hand.

But if you appreciate modern country music at its best, I'd advise you strongly to check out their myspace site. This might be the reason why country music is the truckers' favourite and why even I could see myself in a truck while listening to this record. As the cover implies, this is music to put in your car (or your audio player while sitting on a train), and go as far as these 45 minutes allows you to.

If you do get to their page, my best bet is "First Time", "Every Road", "Too Late Tonight" and "Stand Tall". But that's only if you're in a hurry, otherwise I'd advice you to go out and buy the whole thing.

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