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coverpic flag Mare Smythii - Full Moon 164 - 01/30/10

Recommended Songs - a January Jukebox

Recommended songs, a January 2010 radio show, by Mr Eugene Ward. 3-2-1-go!

coverpic 1. The Go Find "Everybody Knows It's Gonna Happen, Only Not Tonight" (Morr Music)

From the first four pick-up notes that brilliantly set the tone for the entire track, you know this'll be another one of those signature songs from Morr Music. Maybe more than any other label, this collection of artists have developed their own beautiful style. Simple guitar figures and upbeat drums and bass pace this picture-perfect song.

Ooh/let me take you back/to the ninties/when we were teens.

coverpic 2. Dub Tractor "Sorry" (City Centre Offices)

This is the title track from the epic new album by the Copenhagen by-way-of Berlin electronic artist. Highly effected sampled guitar phrases weave in-and-out of low-range saxophone, with clear-as-a-bell drums cutting through to keep up the pass. Given the slow tempo, the bouncy bass-line really keeps the pace moving in perfect time. Vocals are subtle yet still lead the song.

coverpic 3. Wells, Whitehead, Schneider & Morgenstern "Loitering with Intent" (Karaoke Kaulk)

I never thought I'd say this, but I really like this Jazz Record! It was created collaboratively by four Berlin musicians who have worked with the label for several years now. Maybe it's the subtle electronic elements that hooked me onto this Jazz record. Or maybe it's the perfect chord progressions in each song. Maybe it's the unison lines that are as clean as freshly fallen snow. It will remain a mystery.

coverpic 4. Hudson Mohawke "Fuse" (Warp)

It's a song that could be overplayed and become annoying. But you have to hear it! OMG it sounds like a drum corp in my living room, with way better production. As majorly major as possible, with a bassline that will wake up even the deepest sleeping neighbors, "Fuse" will blow out your speakers the first time you hear it.

coverpic 5. jj "From Africa to Málaga" (Sincerely Yours)

You know, it's a real shame that my one friend (you know who you are) can't appreciate this album, because he's missing great lyrics, original production, legitimate Balearic style songwriting, (not a small feat), beautiful multi-layered vocals & melodies, and simply an overall great release from one of Sweden's hottest electronic music labels. Oh well.

It's too easy to cry/when everything/eventually dies/if not today/then maybe tomorrow.

coverpic 6. [ingenting] "Dina Händer Är Fulla av Blommor" (Labrador)

This song makes me cry every time I hear it. There's nothing else I can say about it.

Snälla ring mej.

coverpic 7. Beach House "Walk in the Park" (Sub Pop)

It's from the new Beach House record!, which is great. This song reminds me a lot of "Gila", my favorite song from Devotion; it seems to be written in the same style. Beach House certainly have developed a great signature sound over the past few years.

In a matter of time/it will slip my mind.

coverpic 8. Arcade Fire "Neighborhood #3: (Power Out)" (Merge)

North Carolina's Merge has recently reissued this album on 180 gram vinyl.

[see our archives for Funeral]

coverpic 9. Tanlines remix El Guincho "Kalise" (Beggars Group)

A happy remix of respected Spanish Afrobeat sample-artist El Guincho's "Kalise". Midi clarinets and trombones bounce around while really excited people sing heyyyy and then say awesome sounding things in a language that idk. The four-to-the-floor keeps it all grounded.

coverpic 10. Toro y Moi "Blessa" (Carpark)

Toro y Moi is 23 year old Chazwick Bundick from Columbia, SC. He's close friends with Ernest Greene of Washed Out. He and Ernest have spearheaded a movement in electro pop known as "chillwave", which garnered much critical acclaim during summer 09. Super-heavy major-key bass propells this pop song; frequency-passed stereo-pans make it interesting.

I found a job/and I'm doin' fine/doin' fine.

coverpic 11. Animal Collective "What Would I Want? Sky" (Domino)

On November 18, 2009, Domino Records accidentally sent pre-ordered CD's of Fall Be Kind to customers before the actual release date, resulting in a lossless digital version leaking, in its entirety, onto the internet.

coverpic 12. Cold Cave "Youth and Lust" (Matador)

Some dance music can make you be still. Some can make you close your eyes and cry. Listen to this on repeat.

I prayed for some truth/till my face turned blue.

coverpic 13. Heartbreak "We're Back" (Lex)

Yes, it is okay to sound like a cross between the phantom of the opera and Peter Murphy, as long as your basslines and synthlines are exactly what I would have written :P

coverpic 14. Themselves "Roman Is as Roman Does" (Anticon)

Hating on mp3-traders and being vegan are not this group's strongpoints, but the song and accompanying video make up for it by-far. It's a continuation of the style that was created when Anticon and Morr Music epically met as 13 & God a few years back. Don't overplay it.

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