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Thee American Revolution
Buddha Electrostorm
Garden Gate Records / Elephant 6

Thee American Revolution is a duo counting Robert Schneider (the Apples in stereo) and his buddy Craig Morris (former Ideal Free Distribution). Buddha Electrostorm is a collection of fuzzy psych-pop recorded through the years 2004-2007. The songs sound like mere sketches from their basement, or like boys having fun with a basic 4-track (?) recorder. The sound is lo-fi, and the attitude is 'less-is-more'.

Buddha Electrostorm is short and to the point. 10 songs in 31 minutes. Mixing Creation, The Troggs, The Seeds, The Electric Prunes, and more. Schneider and Morris sings and plays almost everything (there are listed some guest contributors) themselves: guitars, bass, drums (except one song), Mellotron, piano, percussion, tone generators, etc. All songs are credited to the pair of them, but the lead singer is probably the 'leading songwriter' for that song. Well, even if there are some cool moments, the record isn't revolutionary. The home-recorded garage-pop style is quite messy and indeed fuzzy. I guess they had some fun recording the songs, but it couldn't have taken too much time. They must have had some very brief encounters, or short meetings, as it all took 3-4 years in the making. It seems like being a hobby project, and I doubt they're too serious about it all. The purpose were probably some quick psychedelic shots from the hip.

However, there are a few glimpses, especially the über-catchy "Blow My Mind", which is a signature Schneider song, of Apples (or Marbles) calibre. "Electric Flame" is another track with a spark. Most of the time it feels like Buddha Electrostorm is treading water, I'm afraid. But, I'd better spin it a couple more times, while awaiting the new the Apples in Stereo studio album, Travellers in Space and Time (Yep Roc/Simian/Elephant 6), out April 20th.

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