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Nicki Gonzalez
Moron Love
Paxil Rose Records

Nicki Gonzalez has a pretty intriguing take on the singer/songwriter genre on this record. She's plain speaking and tough, with a voice to match and some pretty cool songs.

Opener "You Love Her" sees her take charge in a good way, as she delves into a complex relationship with gusto. "Superstar" sees her tear into a tale of dreams and ambitions with great empathy. The tune could be worthy of the Breeders at their most poppy. "On My Side" reveals a softer side, Gonzalez singing to a melody that's both plaintive and suggestive. She's a good singer, and this is one of her best songs. "That Day" is a terrific song, a ballad that she handles well. Nicki Gonzalez' album's amazingly good.

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