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coverpic flag US - Maryland - Full Moon 164 - 01/30/10

Brian Larsen
Protocol Records

Brian Larsen is a young singer/songwriter on the rise as this album proves. His style is very poppy, but has a lot to offer to audiences.

"Gotta Get You" is up-tempo and fun, Larsen sounding like a powerpop singer of old, yet having a melodic new approach. He clearly has an ear for what makes a tune work. "Running Out Of Breath" is a sweet ballad that shows off the singer's voice well, and it has a thoughtful lyric about meeting a loved one. "Watching The World Go By" is a sensitive observation that recalls Big Star and has a suitably shimmering tune. Larsen really does this sort of a thing well. "Will You Remember Me?" sees the singer question his place in the world, and ask if he'll be remembered after his death.

He makes it sound hopeful rather than sad, and it has a good tune. He's a real talent and you could do worse than lending him an ear.

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