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coverpic flag Canada - Full Moon 165 - 02/28/10

Dark Blue World
The Perilous Beauty of Madness
Drip Audio

Dark Blue World is fronted by the strong-voiced Elizabeth Fischer, this is their second amazing album. Fischer's midnight vocals appear at their most abrasive on opener "Demimonde" where the band create a nice bed of sounds for her to emote against. "Tracking the Detectives" sees the band play a darkly compelling, barbed track with complex rhythms. Fischer's vocals are stunningly effective in a unique fashion.

"Nothing's Ever As It Seems" moves along briskly and has a clear Patti Smith poetic rock thing going. Fischer's a striking vocalist just like that style demands, and she has her own voice too. "This War" is dark, but has a pull to it that draws you in. The band plays so well together here. This album is very special in a very late night fashion.

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