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Gene Dante and the Future Starlets
The Romantic Lead
Gene Dante/Omnirox Entertainment

Gene Dante and the Future Starlets play old fashioned, perhaps even campy glam rock. It warms my old glam rock heart to hear this kind of music. Dante is a flamboyant and strident presence on this album, and that's how glam singers should be.

"A Madness to his Method" sashays like a model on the catwalk, with a mixture of pride and disdain at the crowd's rapt attention. "I am gorgeous, I am without disease" chants the would be glam messiah. "The Starlet Hits the Wall" is charmingly made, the Starlets playing like leper messiahs, as Dante develops his tale of stardom and utter devastation. Like all the songs here, it walks a fine line between farce and meaningful commentary. "Brian, My Darling" is an epic love song, with some stellar harmonies and Dante playing the lead role with much élan. "The Dreamers" manages a suitably epic style, Dante crooning like a futuristic Bryan Ferry as the Starlets shine. It feels like an instant classic. It's an album that should please many and a startling debut.

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