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Loam Arcane EP
Hidden Shoal Recordings

About two moonths ago I reviewed the stunning single "Rainbirds" from Boxharp, an American experimental ambient-pop duo. A tune that gave promise of a most interesting forthcoming EP. Now the Loam Arcane EP has finally arrived. And it gives even more than the sparkling single said.

Loam Arcane EP opens brutally with the disturbed "FanFin", with it's whipping cold beats and almost frantic vocal, that still manages to be joyously vivid. Then it is the mentioned "Rainbirds" that gives way for the dark and haunting "The Postcard". The pretty and dreamy soundscapes from the former tracks are twisted into the betraying beauty of a nightmare, where it's just the ghosts that stay dancing. This chill feeling continues in the closure "Who Are Your People (South Shoal)" a slow-motioned instrumental that lingers in the air long after the last wave of music has ended.

Even though none of the other tracks are as sunny-winter-day-sparkling as "Rainbirds" the Loam Arcane EP still is the sound of this dark and cold season. In the absolute best, and harmonic terms of understanding it.

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