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Amy Allison
Sheffield Streets
Urban Myth Recording Collective

Amy Allison has a slightly nasal voice that you will either love or hate. It's sort of like Victoria Williams' in that way. I had a slight problem with it at first, but soon learned to love it, since her songs are so good.

The opening title track has a quirky tune, and genuinely moving lyrics. The voice is at its best, delivering the words well. "Anywhere You Are" is a moving mediation on love, Allison sounding sweet and sincere. The melody is lovely and buoyant. She covers her father's (Mose Allison) song "Monsters of the Id" and is joined by Elvis Costello. Mose Allison joins on piano and must be proud of this lovely version of the song. "I Wrote a Song about You" sees Allison deliver a country song with some great lyrics and a somewhat familiar tune. Even though the sentiments are common she expresses them well.

It's a fine album and it certainly deserves a chance.

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