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Legion Within
Mouth of Madness
KMFDM Records

I've reviewed the intriguing industrial strains of Legion Within in the past and this is a new offering from William Wilson and company. They certainly haven't mellowed, but stay true to their confrontational ethic.

The title song is a fine example of what they can offer. It's harsh and tough and recalls latter-day Sister of Mercy but with more of an industrial bent. Wilson's vocals are original enough to avoid copycat status as he songs of the evils of greed and complacency. "The Empire is Burning" is a suggestive trawl through some ruined citadels of a ruined civilization that must be our own. Wilson's rasp is on the money as ever. "Try to Save Me" charges like all the other songs with the band in fine form. "Memories of you" is a rare still moment, but just as charged with sadness and desperation as the rest of the album is. Wilson's a fine singer and his band is a gifted bunch. Fans of the genre will love this.

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