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The Black Swan Effect
Real World / Playground

The Black Swan Effect is the band of English song writing duo Gareth Hale (Vocals /Guitar) and Dominic Greensmith (drums). They got signed by Peter Gabriel's label Real World Records, and then they were joined by Jesse Wood (bass) and Kenwyn House (Guitar) both from HOGG, and their debut album Admission emerged.

Listening to Admission that signing is easy to understand. There is an immediate charm about these seemingly pretty ordinary rock songs, which makes them just a little less ordinary. Admission opens with the bluesy (Brit) rock-tune "Falling Down", before turning into more Doves-like soundscapes with "In the City". Not a bad reference in my book. Even if they are more sort of visiting on the borders of the psychedelic prog-rocky soundscape, than actually inhabiting it. The middle section of the album, containing songs like "Rat in a Cage", oddly predictive according to the title, "Sick", "Daughter" and the single "Winter Sun" are more heavy folk-guitar loaded, and somewhat light-melancholic. And very, very likable.

And maybe that's it. That Admission is a very likeable, most charming album. That with the exception of the outstandingly beautiful "Pretty Things", still just feels like the perfect album to play when you actually isn't listening. Or just want to have something nice on, without it being too easy-listening. Because that it certainly has too much edge to be. The Black Swan Effect has with Admission delivered by all means a good album. But it's also just that - good. Nothing more. Nothing less.

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