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Archie Bronson Outfit
Domino / Playground

Some years back I reviewed the London based threesome Archie Bronson Outfit's debut single Kangaroo Heart, which was taken from their first album, Fur (Domino 2004). Since then there was the acclaimed Derdang Derdang (Domino 2006), and now, here's their third, Coconut. A taste of more exotic fruits, thrown at us from the palm tree tops by the Outfit, or what?

"An exciting debut. Play it loud! Hope to hear more. Soon.", I wrote when hearing "Kangaroo Heart". I'm sorry to say that I ignored myself. Because I didn't follow up the Wiltshire lads -- The Bronson Family, as I named them -- as I should've done. Anyway, here's their third, and it sounds like they've sort left their former dirt rawk track, switched into a different beat-rhythmic track. Coconuts is produced by U.N.K.L.E.'s, Mo' Wax's, and DFA's Tim Goldsworthy, which could explain this mixed sound of old-style-meets-new-style rock. ABO sound quite schizophrenic, but in a sane way. By listening to this album a diversity of bands springs to mind: 1980's band The Screaming Blue Messiahs (another London trio), Talking Heads, Arcade Fire, The Jesus & Mary Chain.

Coconuts holds ten songs, and some are good. In fact it's an entertaining album, but far from being a killer one. To name some favourite songs: "Bite It & Believe It", opener "Magnetic Warrior" (with its hypnotic flanger-delay riff), and "Harness". I'll definitely go back to Fur and Derdang Derdang. But, I'm pretty sure I'll return to this one as well. Simply because Archie Bronson Outfit sound cool. They've still got these hints of psychedelic rock revisited intact, and can be quite raw and wild sounding. And, finally, they've got a cool name.

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