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Leigh Gregory
Vollwert Records

I've reviewed Leigh Gregory's previous album and here's a new one, which is a concept album of sorts. It tells the story of fifteen year old Luke in 1973, who loves and loses a girl, and grows up a little. More importantly, it's a cohesive record that can be enjoyed one track at a time, but sounds better as a whole.

"I'm Waiting" sees Gregory tell the start of Luke's story, with a great deal of detail and a charming tune. Here Luke's looking forward to the new year and he's filled with hope. "Catholic Girl" sees him meet and fall in love with Mary, who doesn't love him as much as he loves her. The tune is fittingly sweet and Gregory's voice tender. "In Trouble" sees Luke having trouble with the law, and it's fittingly tense and delivered with gusto. "Wanderlust" sees Luke ready to leave home and make his way into the world. Gregory's voice is expressive and the tune evokes seventies-era Kinks. It's a strong and brilliant album.

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