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Dark Dark Dark
Bright Bright Bright
Supply and Demand Music

Bright Bright Bright is the American (Minneapolis/New York/New Orleans) chamber-folk sextet Dark Dark Darks six-track EP follow-up to their 2008 debut, The Snow Magic.

Since their debut, the band has doubled in size, giving them a distinctly fuller, and more melodic sound. This improvement may also be credited to their new producer Tom Herbers (WHY?, Low, Retribution Gospel Choir, ...) and the fact that this EP is close to live-recorded. Anyhow, the end-result is an EP that certainly get the hopes up regarding their upcoming sophomore album.

Bright Bright Bright opens with the title track, an intense melancholic yet bright piano-ballad that as most of the tracks here, are arranged around the dulcet vocals of Nona Marie Invie. The other songs also holds this mesmerizing balance of sadness and joy, made of lush horns, tender strings and the movement between the low folk, classical chamber, and cabaret. Especially "Make Time" turns in the cabaret direction, where the main vocals are done by Marshall LaCount and the duet with him and Invie, is just enchanting. Without a doubt, the peak of the album.

So Dark Dark Dark has with Bright Bright Bright made a most pleasant 6-track teaser EP.

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