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Ten Year Vamp
Don't Act Like You Know Me
Daisy Rock

Ten Year Vamp are fronted by the expressive Debbie Gabrione and play a catchy brand of rock on this album.

"Never Know" charges along at top speed and has a dynamite lead vocal part. "Pleasures (That I Call Mine)" sees Gabrione sing of owning and accepting one's sexuality. It's catchy and has an impressive guitar part by Andrew Foster. It's a hot song in many sense of the word. If Foo Fighters had a female singer this would be the sound they'd make. "I Don't Need" sees the narrator assert her independence in the face of a troubled relationship and it sounds convincing. It's as ever catchy and charging.

"Call It" sees the band play another winner, and Gabrione's vocal is especially strong here. It's a cool record by any standards.

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