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Bon Iver / Peter Gabriel
"Come Talk To Me" b/w "Flume" 7"

Who could've imagined this collaboration: Peter Gabriel and Bon Iver, A.K.A Justin Vernon, flipping songs for Gabriel's 'back scratching' project. Well, here at Luna K. Scratch My Back wasn't all too well received. As JP wrote: 'Most of the arrangements sound pretty conventional to me, in the symphonic way'. Yes, and when hearing Gabriel's take on Bon Iver's beautiful "Flume", I ask myself: what's the point, really? Of course Peter Gabriel's a big fan of the song (turned onto Bon Iver by his younger daughter, Melanie). But, when hearing this cover, I only want to hurry to put on the original. Not that Peter Gabriel is bad. He's got my respect. Not that he' ruining the song. It's quite sparsely done - with a simple piano, discreet brass orchestration, and (of course) Gabriel's characteristic voice. It's just... a bit dull, almost pointless. Sorry, can't help it. All due respect.

For the rebound album, And I'll Scratch Yours (where the covered artists cover Gabriel), Vernon has picked "Come Talk To Me", off Gabriel's 6th album, Us (released 1992). An album of pain and sorrows, due to personal problems. Honestly, even if the song's done quite low, Bon Iver-style, it's quite easy to hear this being a Peter Gabriel song. In 1992 I had long since stopped listening to Gabriel's music, and I'm not even sure if I've heard this one before (guess I must have). Anyway, I don't get emotional or particularly moved by this cover either. Am I bad? One (others) might say these are majestic songs, of elegance and grace. I'd say they're just ok. But, of course, done in respect of each other.

The most positive thing about this 7" single release is its purpose: to hail the Record Store Day (took place April 17th). Independent record stores rock and rule!

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