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coverpic flag Japan - Full Moon 167 - 04/28/10

Yuko Ito
Mania de Você
Funny Baby Face Record

Tokyo-born Yuko Ito sings Brazilian songs like it's all she's ever done before. She's well supported by a strong band of musicians.

"Corcovado" gets a suitably languid reading that puts the emphasis on her dreamy delivery. "Ela a carioca/Smile" weds a Jobim tune to Chaplin's evergreen song with amazing results. Ito's sweet vocal suits both songs especially well. The band lends their support well also. The title song is softly and sweetly performed, yet has a sophisticated undercurrent to it. The vocal is impeccable as well.

"Flor de lis" ends the collection well, Ito singing mellifluously to a languid backing. It sounds like she's at home making Brazilian music and living in New York. That's being a citizen of the world for you.

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