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coverpic flag Mare Smythii - Full Moon 167 - 04/28/10

Various Artists
Future Vintage: Covers of the Apples in Stereo
Yep Roc Records/Simian/Elephant 6

A small collections of cover versions of Apples in Stereo songs, oh yeah? Launched as a bonus 12" with the vinyl first edition of Travellers In Space And Time. Well, let's dig in and check.

The songs are familiar, but most names are new to me. I only know Elf Power Here's two takes on "Ruby"; one by Ted Leo and one by The Generationals. The first is a reggae-take on the song, the latter is more straightforward. None of them fascinate me (never have been/never will be a fan of reggae). It seems Wallpaper Reverie is the most popular record, since Elf Power also have picked a song from that album, namely the cool "Strawberryfire". Elf Power do a very calmed-down version of it, and I'm not really sure what to think. One of the better attempts is Bad Veins' "Benefits of Lying (With Your Friends)" (also off Her Wallpaper Reverie). A fine rendition. Along with Throw Me The Statue's alternative take on "The Rainbow" (off The Discovery of a World Inside the Moone). A refreshing electronic version. Cool. Finally, Maps and Atlases' cover of "Same Old Drag" (off New Magnetic Wonder) is quite ok.

Covers can be fun live. Studio recorded covers should be something totally different from the originals. If not there's no point. This record is more of a gimmick from AiS. Don't be stressed if you didn't get your hands on it.

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