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Electric President
The Violent Blue
Fake Four

The third go by Messrs Ben Cooper (who's soon to release his second platter as Radical Face) and Alex Kane, which means another round of (mainly) low-voiced elegance, sneaky electronic melodic circles, and mesmerizing moods. This time the theme is set by the fearful and frightening 'big blue', 'the violent blue'. Or, rather, as they say in the title song: "...this blue ain't blue, it's velvet black...".

Electric President's first two albums were (still are) high quality recordings, with brilliant songs. Fact is, it seems like they're getting better and better, and, well, they've done it again. The Violent Blue is (maybe - I'll simply include a little maybe here, easily to be removed) their best record so far. There's a perfect nerve through-out the album, with the fear of this 'deep blue sea', whether its the deep waters itself, or the more symbolic sense of the threat. "The Ocean Floor" opens quietly, and like I've said before, Jason Lytle (just check "Nightmare No. 5 or 6") and Sparklehorse are reference points to the music of Electric President. Also Dean Wareham's Luna comes to mind during some songs, such as on "Circles". The Violent Blue holds ten tracks and is of perfect length. "Safe and Sound" is rudely catchy. The title track is a majestic and magic piece of music. The latter half of the album is rougher, with more guitar drive, but this is quite suitable for their songs. They've also got a fine blend, or balance of analogue and digital elements. "Elegant Disasters" has got a playful break-rhythm. Another high-light is the smashing start-stop "Eat Shit and Die", before the epic, Lytle/Grandaddy-esque "All the Distant Ships" closes the album.

The Violent Blue is rather fantastic, with superb melodies and whip-smart lyrics. Cooper and Kane for president!

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