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Hidden Shoal Recordings

Two and a half years ago I was amazed by Iretsu's debut album The Moon And Stars Remain In The Morning Sky, which was released three years after it was recorded. The debut was followed by an EP, Name our Numbers, Numbers, the year after. And, now, they're back with a song off their forthcoming album, Fang, to be released in the end of May (27th).

"Humbuzzer" is a sonic, upbeat, punchy and punky tune. 'Signature experimental pop sound', Hidden Shoal states, and Iretsu for sure has got their own sound. The song's tight and feisty rhythmic (hit-hat'n'snare mania), with tip-toe vocals up-front. Imagine a more aggressive Versus (the great NYC band of the 1990s, ca their The Stars Are Insane album - or, maybe some of their first singles). Iretsu pop-up with extremely catchy songs. The Portland gang used to be Ryan Cross on vocals, guitar, Joel Holly on guitar and bass, and drummer Glen Scheidt, but when working with the new album, they found a fourth member; Chris Pickolick on bass and bongos! Bongo-a-go-go!

Be like me: Check it out, become addicted, and await their new album!

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